Leaving the Church of Scientology two years ago, has been like my experience with marajuana in the 80’s, it has it’s highs and it definately has it’s lows. By no means do I regret leaving behind either of the experiences. I’ve cried a lot but laughed more! 

I’ve found more answers and spiritual freedom leaving the “church” than I did as a member of the “church”. I’ve moved my family around & lived in three states in the past two years in search of answers, have befriended Apostates from Mormonism, Jehova Witness, Amish and Pentacostal to name a few and have made a hobby out of learning the difference between Religions, Churches and Cults in my journey to answer this one question…How could I have been such a dumbass for so long?

I’m at a good, semi-sane place in my life now and am here to share what I’ve learned and learn more from other.  

This blog is a platform for me to vent, it’s my own personal therapy, not because I think I’m a good writer, but because I’m to damn cheap to pay for professional ‘therapy”. Why pay for one person to listen to my ranting when I can try to get an audience to hear me or free.

Religion is a belief system, Church is a MAN made organization, that can and usually does go corrupt. Despite popular belief, they are not one in the same. This is not a place where we will talk much about religious philosophy, (God knows there’s enough of that going on) but rather the controlling practices used within churches to keep their flock in line.   

My Apostate (my new favorite word) friends & I will talk about things like, ex-communicated/disconnection, the stunning similarities between most mainstream religions, brainwashing, love bombing, thought reform, how “churches” / cults recruit & retain it’s members and other topics which aren’t as well known about as they should be. My hope is this blog beomces a place where Apostates from any and all churches can join in and help expose – What Your Church Doesn’t Want You to Know!

It’s going to be a Hell of a ride, I hope you’ll join us.

P.S. Apostate is used losely – it’s a tongue-in-cheek approach. Most former members are considered apostates whether they still practice some or all of the philosophy or not.


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